Topic: COVID-19 & Real Estate? Selling Tips, Remote Purchases, and Much More 


Home sellers and buyers during this economic and public health climate can be understandably skittish about the housing market. If you want to sell your home now, are you ready to handle showings and some extra precautions? If you are buying a house remotely, can you get all the information you need for your decision? Fortunately, real estate agents have proactively created solid plans to help business proceed and help sellers and buyers both get what they need from the real estate process. 

Sellers: Create a Virtual Showing Plan

One of the best ways to move forward as a home seller is to create a plan with your agent for excellent virtual showings. Selling tips during coronavirus mostly revolve around helping buyers fall in love with the home via video and audio, rather than in-person. 

Your agent can help you decide on some good times for virtual showings, you can take typical staging tips for making your home look beautiful and elegant, and add in some extra, video-driven points, like making sure every room is very well-lit to be visible. 

Virtual showings may, at first, seem like a harder way to meet and connect with potential buyers, but with good on-screen interaction, clear speech, and lots of ready information for your potential buyers, you can easily make a connection via video chat that will help your buyers learn to trust you and understand your home. 

Buyers: Get the Information You Need Remotely 

Buyers working with reputable buyer’s agents can actually buy a home entirely remotely, which may be necessary for those who live out-of-state and cannot currently fly to see homes in person. Luckily, getting to know the neighborhood, the styles of the homes you are considering, and their price points is possible via phone or email. You can attend virtual showings and ask questions to sellers like you would during a showing, and high-quality real estate photographs can really help you feel like you are there in the room!

Get an Agent Who Can Help Prevent or Reduce Delays

Your agent, on either side of the transaction, will have good information about the industry in your local area. While most states have some movement in the real estate sector, some parts of the process may be classified as non-essential, resulting in delays of the sale. Your agent will know how to write a clause into the contract that is fair to both parties, protects your interests, but adds flexibility for any potential issues with things like appraisals and inspections.

When In-Person Steps Are Needed, Use All Available Precautions

Of course, there are steps in the process that may end up needing to take place in person: some places may find that in-person showings are an option with very clear safety precautions, and an inspection does require entrance into a home. For these steps, don’t fear: using the physical distancing, protective masks, and frequent hand washing or sanitizing can prevent lots of virus transmission. 

Delaying these steps if anyone involved is experiencing symptoms is another important and valuable choice, so be even more patient than usual if someone involved in your transaction is sick. Patience will win the day and your home sale or purchase will go through!